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Lush green rainforests, jagged mountains and tropical beaches await in Phuket - one of Thailand's most popular southern attractions. Phuket is the largest island in the condos for rent in tualatin oregon country and so large, at 49 kilometers in length, that it does not really feel like an island at all.

However, when you leave for a day on one of the very perfect beaches or organize a snorkeling trip, you will soon feel the exotic thrill of Thailand sweeping you. To truly experience the madrona Thai culture when renting a condo for rent in the city of Phuket, there are a few things you should schedule into your itinerary.

Visit James Bond Island

Yes, the 20-meter-tall and eye-catching Khao Phing Kan island along the coast of Khao Phing Kan is featured in the James Bond film of 1975. From this time on, it is often referred to as James Bond Island and has captivated millions of visitors who were surprised by the limestone island big. You can reach it by speedboat or longtail boat from your condo for rent in Phuket town. In the photography website vicinity you will find plenty of places to sunbathe, and take photos of the towering mountains that encircle it. Pack your bikini or swimming trunks to enjoy swimming in the pristine blue waters surrounding.

Spend a Day Exploring the Temple

Not only do you have to rent a condo for rent in Phuket town to have easy access to the temple, because Thailand has a very rich and vibrant culture, which means you will see a lot of amazing structures scattered around the landscape. Close to Phuket town in Phang Ngha province which is adjacent to a number of Chinese and Buddhist temples. Do not forget to bring your camera, but consider investing in a selfie stick if you do not want fellow travelers to photograph your photos!

Treat Yourself to Spa Day

The perfect rainy day activity when you rent a condo for rent in the city of Phuket, a luxurious spa day will make you feel refreshed. Most condos will have a spa facility but if not, just take a stroll along Surin Beach and you will surely find a variety of wellness and fitness centers. Inside the spa you can enjoy a break from sightseeing and get a manicure, pedicure, traditional Thai massage, facial or some other type of stress-reliever service. Ask people to rent condos if they have recommendations for the day of indulgence.

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